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Adam and Eve Dildo

I received the Adam and Eve dildo free of charge in return for my honest review for SelfDelve.com they are a German company that specialise in making fruit and veg shaped dildos. They also make other themed dildo such as elements and this beautiful Adam and Eve dildo. Self Delve have been really toughtful in the name they chose in that you do exactly that you delve into yourself.

The Adam and Eve dildo is really unique it features a smaller shaped figure being almost spooned by a larger shaped figure. It is sort of like and abstract human form. It typically comes in black and white which enables you to see the two forms better. The two Heads of the figure act as a great G-Spot stimulator.

I really just think this is a cute dildo. It almost looks like those ornaments you can get you know the figures without faces well anyway it’s so beautifully sculpted. I really think it is a romantic gift, It may be all this wedding planning going to my head however I feel that if I received this from Mr I would be over the moon.

DSC_0322[1]The Adam and Eve dildo is not for the faint hearted though it is quite a girthy toy. I would say for girth lovers this is a must have! My Adam and eve is clear in colour with spirals of purple throughout leading to the base. When it is warm the purple changes to a bright blue. I was shocked the first time I saw this happen. I knew the Banana changed colour but the Adam and Eve took me by surprise. Because it is a random colour and I didn’t pick it out I really liked the fact it surprised me.

The Adam and eve is pretty easy to insert with the heads acting as a tapered end. The bodies do take a little time to warm up to. But as soon as they are in the heads rest at the back of my G –Spot and the fullness from the body of the shaft is incredible. Due to the detailing this dildo has a great amount of texture and form which means I can get a huge amount of different stimulation from it.

DSC_0383I love the Adam and Eve dildo and highly recommend you check it out if you like texture, girth and abstract dildos. This dildo could easily be left on display and people would think it was an ornament. I recommend it also to people who live in shared accommodation as it does not scream “sex toy” That’s why I love Self Delve each of their products are discreet and able to blend in well around the home.

RRP: £58.35

You can find the Adam and Eve Dildo at SelfDelve-Shop.de

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