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Fleshlight Freaks Zombie


DSC_0159I received the Zombie in return for my honest review from Fleshlight. They have an amazing range of product and as you know we have reviewed some of the other Freaks in the range already. So I owe a huge thank you to Fleshlight for sending us the Freaks Zombie to review for them.

The Fleshlight Freaks Zombie dildo is a lot more flexible and made from a much more pliable silicone then the Alien, Drac and Cyborg. The Drac and alien being Firm and the Cyborg being between firm and medium makes the Zombie a Medium firmness.

DSC_0161The details on this dildo are incredible as always the Freaks Offer a lot in terms of texture and the Zombie isn’t a slacker. The Zombie dildo is full of texture the torn flesh creates bumps and ridges and nooks which in turn give you amazing texture. It has an insertable length of 7inches which still lays on the fact it is a semi human type penis. It is made from silicone and can be bleached boiled and sterilized. The colour is an off green like grey with tones of very dark purply red. I think the colour is great and instead of being bright like the other freaks its kind off dulled down to create a dead sort of vibe.

DSC_0169You can see there is rips in the skin and hole torn through the flesh even the head of the dildo has tears down the tip and underside this dildo truly is reminiscence of the living dead. There is a huge tear in the balls revealing a rounder shape of the testicle inside the flesh and the ridge that runs down the underneath of the shaft is very prominent with strips of flesh covering the exposed tissue. There are also little veins and pustule blisters upon close inspection. There is also remains of what looks like a pulled back foreskin which has rotten to become missing the attachment to the Glans. The Zombie is every zombie lover’s dream nightmare come true!

DSC_0162The texture on the Zombie dildo is incredible when thrust too fast you can feel it brushing you inside between pleasure and pain its divine I proffer to thrust slowly pro longing my orgasms I feel each bit of texture and the detailing on the dildo becomes very apparent during use. The tip is quite large much like the drac’s this means even when the tip is inserted I feel instant stretching. The girth of this dildo is perfect for me that accompanied by the length means it reaches just next to my cervix sending pleasurable pain through me with each thrust. The zombie reaches deep within me which is amazing and I love the fact it reaches places I don’t normally stimulate with my regular dildos.


DSC_0171The Fleshlight Freaks Zombie was given to us by Fleshlight for an honest review, so far the fleshlight freaks have been a great novelty to have and they are looking like a glossy new collection for me. Even though they might not look appealing to someone elses eyes, they are fantastic to have in my book. The fleshlight freaks were more of a cosplay fantasy which you could use if your a huge fan of fiction, and when it comes to me and kim you can tell that we have some sort of “Fetish” for the mystical creatures of sex toys. I have also done some research and so far i haven’t seen many male masturbators out there that have some sort of fantasy role to it.

DSC_0174Let’s get to the point and talk about the Zombie fleshlight, the fleshlight zombie comes with the standard black case unlike the Alien coming with it’s own blue casing. When i recieved the fleshlight i saw that the pussy was detailed and showed the aspect of it being a zombies pussy, when it comes to detail and fleshlight they put a lot of effort in gathering your attention. That’s only if you’re a fiction / fantasy enthusiast, the collection isn’t alway’s about the looks but also the feel and texture.

DSC_0172Considering that the sole purpose of this masturbator is to be a “Masturbator” and not a flash light or a centre piece, it doesn’t really go the way that i was actually hoping for. If you have read any of the other Fleshlight reviews you would notice that they all have good reviews from both sides, but it looks as if the Zombie is going to be the let down out of all of the Fleshlight freaks so far. Considering that the texture on the outside looks totally amazing and you think that’s what you’ll be able to get your penis into then you are in for a disappointment due to the texture on the inside of the toy lacks tremendously.

DSC_0173When it came to finally using the Zombie masturbator it wasn’t something that i was after, the texture was a complete let down but the damn thing looked too good to refuse. In the end i wasn’t satisfied the texture from the tip of the labia to the deep end of the vaginal walls was completely unsatisfactory and hugely disapointing and i hated it. I wish with this masturbator there was more focus on the texture of the inside of the sleeve so that i could enjoy using it more than looking at it.

Unfortunately it looks like it’s a thumbs down for the Zombie masturbator, in future I hope they remake these and give more of a exciting texture on the inside and concentrate more on the customers pleasure of the genitalia than the eyes. It’s really hard for me to rate this product down as i loved all of the previous freaks, it’s been a frustrating time using it and i feel like i have no choice but to rate it down over all of the other freaks.

RRP: £50 (Each)

You can find the Zombie Dildo and Fleshlight at


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  • Reply ksrow (@chcbrd09) 23rd January 2016 at 1:33 am

    The Zombie dildo sure is a texture heyday. I’m not so keen on the colour though — toxic green would probably do the trick 😛
    Shame that the sleeve doesn’t come coloured like that, too. I guess they didn’t feel like dyeing the material for the sleeves _and_ the dildos.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 23rd January 2016 at 10:03 pm

      I think the Zombie dildo is more an evil dead sort of colouring although there are alot of different types of zombie colourings take walking dead for example they are a pale flesh tone so the penis’s would likely be similar to a very pale flesh tone with bruised highlights. I do think they should colour the Sleeves also the only one that is coloured is the alien i think that they would stand out alot more if there was a colouring to them like the dildos in the freaks range.

      • Reply ksrow (@chcbrd09) 28th January 2016 at 1:44 am

        Sure, everyone will have a different idea of the “zombie colour”, I think 😉

  • Reply jordan alice 25th January 2016 at 5:18 am

    yeaaa that zombie dildo would be more appealing if it had a better color. Maybe that’s just me though, I’m more a fan of discreet toys

  • Reply dv8 26th January 2016 at 1:48 am

    Does the dildo’s texture make cleaning a hassle?

  • Leave a Reply