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Best Sex Toys Of 2015

So I am going to keep this post as short as possible i don’t want to blabber on too much, i just want to let you know which toys where my favorite in 2015. I could not decide to on a top 5 for dildos and vibes so ended up doing a top 10. So much for keeping it short and sweet ay? well I hope you have all had a wonderful year lets hope 2016 is even better!



  1. Eroscillator 2 Plus: I know it oscillates and doesn’t vibrate and its more of a wand then a vibe but still this thing is AMAZING.
  2. Lelo Siri 2: you all know by now this is THE best little vibe out there! I even took it on a family holiday with me I Love this little Guy!
  3. Lelo Ina Wave: This is The vibe i would keep if i could only keep one it is a “do it all” type of vibe that has me having clit+ gspot orgasms galore.
  4. Iroha Yuki: This Little Snowman Shaped plump ball of fluffy cuteness is a regular for me and i find myself comming back to it loyally.
  5. Doxy Wand: The Doxy well what can i say? This vibe has it all great looks amazing power and not a battery or charge port in sight!
  6. Lelo Tiani 24K: A couples vibe that actually works!
  7. H2O Vibe: This is really a genious idea who didnt have one of there first orgasms via tap or showerhead right?
  8. Sassy Simon: Amazingly textured high class vibe with alot of power! just wish i had the chance to try the E-Stim version to compare.
  9. Miss Bi: This vibe is just everything you could ever want or need in a vibe!
  10. Doxy Skittle: Yes Another Doxy! Really? his thing is so deep and rumbly it makes boom boxes cry!




  1. Nox The NightDrake: My all time fave dildo that i keep comming back to time again!
  2. The Orchid: This dildo made me Squirt without any vibes what so ever and It was also my First Wooden Sextoy.
  3. Bruce The Shark: Come on you all knew this would make the cut a DP dildo Yes Please!
  4. Good Vibrations Captain: This thing feels so real! like litterally i close my eyes i can’t tell the difference.
  5. Trent the Triceratops: This dildo… This dildo… This dildo is just uhh… The texture, Girth, Head its all Wonderful!
  6. Silvarus walnut Dildo: Another wooden dildo that litterally rocked my G spot into a frienzy!
  7. Fleshlight Freaks-Drac: My Very first dildo i owned still has that amazing G spot stimulation ability every time i use it.
  8. Blush Noveties Suko: This dual density sildo is as real as you can get without being full on in your face penis.
  9. Meng: My trusty go to dildo i ended up making my own never ending story!
  10. Clayton The Earth Dragon: Not the Biggest dildo i own but that matt texture is soo amazing it really stimulates my vaginal walls.


Best Anal Plug



Best Kegel Trainer


  • Desir Pappilon: I have never felt so passionate about my kegel Excersizes! This wooden Beauty is really incredible.


Best Of Bondage


  1. Attack On Titan Custom paddle: My inner geek gets so horny whenever i see this paddle. I ahd it custom made and it delivers a great sting.
  2. Red Room Flogger: This flogger was worth every penny is and is really THE only flogger we use. I am yet to find another one with the quality and impact this one has.
  3. Sweet Sting Riding Crop: This crop is one of the first bondage pieces we owned it gives a sharp impact that i adore.
  4. Fur Lined leather Wrist Restraints: Throw all your old cuffs out! this is the ONLY pair you will need. Soooo Fluffy!
  5. Pussy Flogger: A little flogger i aquired at Sexhibition this cutie is so erotic and gets me going fromn the first whip.


Best Unique Product


  • Lance: The Adam Dildo on a pole that is basically a man operated fuck machine!


Best Adult Games


  1. Ardor: This really is The game to get, bonding whilst being compeitive over a bunch of special powers and cards is right up our street!
  2. Tie And Tease: Another wonderful game to play as a couple we both enjoyed the board game aspect of this game.


Male toys


  1. SoloFlesh V2: We both agree this is the most realistic looking and feeling masturbator out there! It is so close to the real thing we didn’t think it was possible.
  2. Pulse II Duo: As far as male vibes go this is the best we have and Mr’s firm favourite (pun intended)
  3. Fleshlight Freaks-Alien: This is the top rated Fleshlight we have and The texture is to die for.
  4. Tenga SVR: A cock ring i was able to orgasm from. The SVR is powerful and works amazingly.
  5. Tenga Easy Beat Egg: The whole tenga egg range is amazing they are disposable and feel incredible.


Worst Of 2015

This bit is not the Best of but Worst of2015. Meaning NEVER get these products Ever! I do not reccomend them infact stay well away!

  1. IMToy Pui: The masturbator that promised it all but delivered nothing!
  2. We Vibe 4 Plus: The Bellend Burner! A couples vibe that just irritated the fuck out of us leaving us frustrated.
  3. The Ultimate O: The Ultimate No before i knew better i would reccomend Ann Summers but the customer service is shit so yeah no surprises there shit jelly toys shit customer service!
  4. Precious Metals 24k Plug: This thing! I was so scared i may end up in A&E the base is that small! Well the whole thing is tiny like tto use it you have to be a leprechaun.
  5. Iroha Sakura: The Vibe that I just couldnt like! Those ears couldnt tickle an ant’s clit!


Basically That concludes My Best of 2015 post. feel free to check out my reviews and also take a look at the amazing companies who made these wonderful orgasmic sextoys. Thank You for your loyal blog reading This year has been fantastic i hope there are many many more to come!


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  • Reply beck03 11th January 2016 at 4:19 pm

    Really nice list. I so need to get mine up.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 11th January 2016 at 7:31 pm

      Thank you Beck that means alot comming from you XD you should i can’t wait to see what was your faves from this year 🙂

  • Reply Colleen B. 11th January 2016 at 7:00 pm

    I really want to try the Lelo Siri 2.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 11th January 2016 at 7:32 pm

      The Lelo Siri 2 is great. I hope you do get to try one. Infact i used it again today i love my little siri 2 🙂

  • Reply Joe 12th January 2016 at 7:45 am

    I always love seeing lists like these so that I can compare a few different toys that are some of the best to find the one best for my needs! Thank you!

  • Reply shadowleap 18th January 2016 at 9:18 am

    I was just considering purchasing the newest WeVibe; seeing this makes me think I should take a closer look.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 18th January 2016 at 9:40 pm

      Hey, please do not buy the We-Vibe 4 plus it really doesnt work however i really sugest you check out the Lelo Tinai 24K i have just reviewed this and it is everything the We-Vibe tried to be.

  • Reply edeneve 21st January 2016 at 1:05 am

    I want to win the Captain. I’ve recently discovered dual density dildos & would love to have the Captain to experience how wonderful that I keep reading about.

  • Reply Candy Lyn 23rd January 2016 at 1:05 am

    Thank you so freaking much for this list!!! I can totally narrow down my top choices for future purchases!

  • Reply BlackAsphodel 25th January 2016 at 2:55 am

    From the dildo list Blush Noveties Suko is my favorite. I like smooth & glossy toys. The glossiness makes me think of lube & that turns me on.

  • Reply SickxRose 27th January 2016 at 6:26 pm

    I am so happy to see sex toy reviews that include BDSM gear.

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