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Lelo Tiani 24K Gold

DSC_0376 I received the Lelo Tiani 24K gold couples vibrator was given to me in return for my honest review by Lelo. The fact I was given this product Free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

I have to admit when I saw the Tiani 24K I really was dreading using it. We haven’t had much luck with couples vibes, The We –Vibe 4Plus was horrible and hurt us both, the Pulse 2 Duo was a let down on the women’s side. So you can see why we wasn’t expecting much form the Tiani 24k.

The Lelo Tiani 24K is a wearable vibrator that is also controlled by a remote. The remote also vibrates when in use this can be used to stimulate nipples or balls. The Tiani 24K is made from body safe silicone and it also has a 24K gold band around the external shaft. It also has 2 motors which means it super powerful and Has 8 settings. You can also use the Tiani 24K in the bath as it is waterproof. Like all good vibes it is rechargeable. It is available in three colours, Hot Cerise, Deep rose and Black personally I think the black goes really well with the gold overlay and it screams class.

DSC_0377Now the most fun part about the Tiani 24K is that it is able to be controlled by the remote. The remote also has this SenseMotion Technology literally the Kinect of the sex toy world! To activate this mode you hold the + button to turn the Tiani on then press the o button this lets you into the SenseMotion mode. You then can have the remote horizontal for no vibes then slowly turn the remote vertically to get to the highest speed, This is amazing for people who find it tricky to press button with lubed up fingers or just find buttons distancing during sex. When in this mode you can also shake the remote to get a pulsating sensation.

The second SenseMotion setting is one for the more active person I am too lazy to use this mode. Basically you start from the first Sensemotion mode then press the O again this takes you into the second mode. While the remote is stationary the vibrations will be off if you then shake the remote the vibrations start working the more you shake the higher the vibrations. This is great for those who like pulses it is very hard to keep a steady pace for a continuous vibration with this mode.

So yes SenseMotion is great! The next thing I would like to comment about is the regular speeds these can be activated by the Tiani using the button to hold to turn on, then press to cycle through the settings. The hold to turn off. Or the controller turn it on and the Tiani and then press the + or – to go through the settings The settings consist of slow, med, high for both shafts then a varied speed for both and the rest are dot dash and inclining pulsation modes.. The other thing I want to comment about is the design. Now we all remember the arrow shaped head of the Bellend Burner right? Well the Tiani has a slim shaft which sort of flares at the tip it also has a grooved edge on the underside making it easy for the penis to slip against it. No more bellend chafing hurray! The clitoral stimulator is quite wide which is great as it stimulates the labia as well as the clitoris. It also doesn’t clamp down on my clit like the We Vibe 4 plus did.

DSC_0379I was ready for action I had lubed up the Tiani and sat with it inserted into me while I gave Mr the remote to play with he was in control of my pleasure. He went through the various usual settings then played around with the SenseMotion which I could tell he loved it, it was like he has a magic wand controlling this vibe. He also used the controller to rub against his shaft it was very erotic for both of us. The vibrations turned me on really quickly so things got steamy. Mr inserted himself into me and the Tiani 24K pushed against my g spot. I felt extremely full be also extremely comfortable. It is like the Tiani Fits like a glove. So anyway after a few slow and shallow thrusts things got going and we were both on our way to orgasm, I had the controller back and started to rub it over Mr’s balls he really enjoyed it. I was so close I orgasmed having a little twitch around I honestly think I looked like buckaroo the orgasm was that powerful. Mr followed as I writhed and we both just looked at each other and read each other’s minds, he said “that was good” and we were just both in shock.

DSC_0380We both thought this vibe would fail but in fact it is the only couple’s vibrator to work! Well done Lelo. Lelo are so positive that this vibe will work that they have a couples warranty on it, basically if you buy a Tiani 24K and your relationship breaks up within a year of owning the vibe they let you send it back and choose any one of their products for free! Which of course they don’t need to offer this warranty I think it’s more of a gag and a bit of fun.


RRP: £139.50

You can find The Tiani 24K at

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