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Desir Papillon

DSC_0146I was given the Desir Papillon (desire butterfly) free of charge in return for my honest review from my good friends over at Ideedudesir (object of desire). I thank them very much for sending me this unique kegel device they hand make each and every one of their wooden master pieces I highly recommend you check them out.

The Desir Papillon was create by the owner of Ideedudesir in accompaniment with sex therapist Daniel Habold. It was designed to stimulate every erogenous zone for a women the curved bulbous heat stimulates the g spot. The ridges on the clitoral arm stimulate the clitoris. And the nubbed rear arm stimulates the ans. The Papillon was designed to say in place during use so you can exercise whilst wearing this kegel aid and still have maximum comfort. The papillon has a metal geisha ball inside the internal part creating deep vibrations when you move.

DSC_0152I was given the Papillon Black and White which features a textured chevron sort of imprint on the clitoral arm. The wood is a lovely pale maple wood which also feature highlights of a darker Wild Cherry wood on the bulb and base. The bottom of the base is sprayed with a lovely gold shimmer lacker which adds a little glam. The words “Ideedudesir” is imprinted along the back of the bulb. It also has the Ideedudesir Logo on the reverse of the clitoral arm along the base. It truly is a thing of beauty!

I have to say I am very surprised by the papillon on my first attempt to insert it the papillon went straight in and due to the non girthy bulb only needed a little silicone lubricant. The papillon fit snugly and hugged my curves. The Superior arm fits great between my labia enabling close clitoral stimulation. If I tense my kegel muscles I can get a firm stimulation of the texture pushing against my clit. Then I let go and the texture pushes back down again.

DSC_0150My small labia do not cover the clitoral arm fully so the Papillon can be seen between my legs if I have not pants on but this isn’t a problem it also feels great against my labia minora which are tiny but they get stimulation from the papillon none the less. The anal stimulator is very nice and it offers a gentle stimulation again it pushes against me when I tense my muscles making my kegel workout very enjoyable. The Bulb pushes firmly against my g spot when I tense my kegel muscles this along with the release of them really gives my g spot that on/ off firm stimulation it needs it feels amazing.

DSC_0147I also used the Papillon and used my Kenya B3 vibe and the orgasm I had during use was one of the strongest to note. The papillon feels incredible when pushed firmly against my g spot.

I have never quite felt stimulation like this when using a kegel device I mean if you are considering getting a kegel aid or you have one you love that is getting old throw all your old ones away because this is the only one you will ever want and need. The comfort is unlike anything else! I barely notice it’s there apart from the pleasure i get from doing my exercises but really it is super comfy like a pillow for my vulva. I can walk, run, climb stair, swat and it stays in place and doesn’t slide out a mm like kegel balls do even when my muscles are relaxed it stays put until I remove it the design of the papillon is incredible!

The papillon gave me more pleasure then my luna smart bead, ImToy Candy, Stella III, Rocks Off kegel Balls, every kegel trainer i own! I have found that if I Twerk with the papillon in the vibrations made from the ball jiggling around is highly stimulating! Also rocking your hips forward and back and rotating them adds a little stimulation during use while sitting down.

RRP: £93.08

For £10.56 off your order use code: ZJFR789

You can find The Desir Papillon at


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  • Reply Candy Lyn 24th January 2016 at 2:33 am

    It really is stunning just to look at. I’m definitely thinking it would be fantastic to try!

  • Reply ksrow (@chcbrd09) 30th January 2016 at 12:27 am

    I’ve only seen positive reviews of the Papillon around — looks like a truly well-researched and well-designed shape that indeed works for most people. And it is, of course, gorgeous to behold.

    You mention the logo and text imprinted on the wood — it is indented and harder to clean? Or it is just a burn/paint mark of sorts, of course under the protective coating? Thanks!

    • Reply KinkyKitten 31st January 2016 at 9:29 pm

      Hey the logo is indented before the coating is applied and it isnt a deep cut into the wood. I haven’t had an issue with cleaning it to be honest it is indented but you can only feel it by running your finger across and then its just barely noticeable.

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