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Chance Flared

I purchased the Chance Flared simply because of the colour pattern. Now bad dragon do THE best colourations ever! And I have before purchased a toy just for the colour take the Sleiphnir for example Or the Meng.

DSC_0040Now I hadn’t really wanted a Chance before I know it resembles a horse penis and for this reason I chose I didn’t want one however when I was browsing the Bad Dragon Adoptions I saw it and Mr exclaimed “it’s a Titan Penis!” okay I am going to have to clue you guys in. So me and Mr watch this anime called “Attack On Titan” now this is about some BFG type Zombie humans attacking the world and basically they eat people. Now there are types the colossal and armoured that have extra powers like extra strength and speed. The colossal has flesh tone covering a muscular type under layer the layers are ripped and you can see the red muscles underneath. Now The Colossal is Taller than the other Titans so this dildo was very apt the green flesh colour with the red seeping through resembles the Colossal.

DSC_0041Okay so enough about that The Chance I got was the flared version. Now horse penis’s flare out when aroused Bad dragon give you the option of flared or unflared. My chance was a Flop the reason: Nick near tip and a speck in the base. The speck is a little yellow dot under the top layer of silicone it can only be seen when really close, it doesn’t affect the use and most likely was a little lint that fell in during the moulding process. My Chance is in a Soft firmness and is super squishy and doesn’t stand alone. It is Medium in size now I wasn’t too fussed about this I know I won’t be able to fully insert it but it’s beautiful! The colouration is a Rogue of greeny fleshy colour which is covering a deep red and a little blue mixed in you can only see the blue through the base.

DSC_0042Mr had the honour of first using it on me. I needed a lot of prep and even after a good fingering from Mr I still needed a lot of lube to insert the tip due to the Flare the tip is quite tricky to insert but once done I needed to relax and let my body adjust to the sensation. After this was done it was easier to insert the dildo deeper. The Flare was the most prominent part of the dildo and even when thrusting because it is the widest point of the dildo this is where I felt the most stimulation. I wasn’t able to take the Chance fully which I knew I wouldn’t I could get just past the halfway point where the shaft forms into the skin. This just before it reached my cervix which was quite painful when thrust fast it isn’t too painful and somewhat pleasurable. When I orgasmed I could feel the Flare even more then the shaft as my vaginal muscles contracted.

RRP: £60.15

You can find The Chance Flared at


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  • Reply dv8 2nd February 2016 at 1:07 am

    I’d like to see an entire horse with that color pattern!

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