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Sqweel Go

DSC_0198I was given the sqweel go by sexcite in return for my honest review. The fact I was given this product free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review in any way shape or form. Thank you Sexcite for sending me the Sqweel Go to review. Sexcite are a company that sell sex toys Online.

The sqweel go is a portable more travel friendly version of the oral sex stimulator that was designed and created by Lovehoney called the Sqweel. There is also the Sqweel 2 which is an updated version of the original model. The sqweel go is a lot smaller than the original models making it small and compact for traveling.

The Sqweel Go is rechargeable. It also isn’t a vibrator the tongues on the Sqweel Go rotate on a wheel to give the effect of a lapping motion the typical tongue would make when performing oral sex. I thought the dipped part would brush across m y clit but it moves the opposite way so that the back of the tongues flick across your clit. The Sqweel Go has a total of 10 silicone tongues that turn to stimulate you.

DSC_0199The Sqweel Go has 6 settings 3 speeds, slow, medium fast and 3 pulsation settings. The problem with the slow and medium settings are that the slow is really slow and medium is a lot faster it seems a bit of a big leap in the speeds and I would prefer a speed in-between them. The Pulsations are basically where the Sqweel Go starts to rotate and then stops repeatedly in a pattern. The Sqweel Go has a light by the port that lights blue when charging. This light also comes on when the Sqweel Go is turned on.

To turn on the Sqweel Go you simply press the button then to change the setting and cycle through the modes you press it again. To turn it off you have to cycle through the settings to turn it off or hold the button in for 3 second and turn it off this way.

DSC_0200I applied the lube to the Sqweel Go by pouring a blob onto the back of my hand and turning on the Sqweel Go I let it brush my hand and lap up the lube this way it coats all of the tongues really well. The lower setting didn’t do much for me and I was tempted to move the Sqweel Go to get some extra stimulation however I opted to increase the speed. This speed came as a shock for me due to the slowness of the low setting and the fact the medium is a lot faster it caught my clit off guard and this made it sensitive. I however did relax and continued to enjoy the sensation, it is unlike anything I have felt when using a sex toy and it doesn’t feel like a tongue as such. I found turning the Sqweel Go on its side would stimulate me better as I like side to side stimulation however i found the Sqweel Go would get stuck and slow down this way.

I like the Sqweel go it offers me a different type of stimulation it doesn’t vibrate like most sex toys and I enjoy the stimulation it gives me. The speed difference may be an issue to those who like more of a climb between speeds but other than that it is a great little toy. It doesn’t feel at all like oral sex but let’s face it what does that said I do like the variation of having a sex toy that doesn’t vibrate.


RRP: £38.99

You can find The Sqweel Go at



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