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Doxy Skittle

DSC_0175When I was emailed by Belle De Soir and asked if I wanted to review a Doxy Skittle you can imagine how excited I was and I wasn’t exactly going to decline was i? So I was sent the doxy Skittle the next working day free of charge in exchange for my honest review in this blog post. Belle de Soir are an amazing company and they have been very supportive of my blog you should go and take a look at them!

The Doxy Skittle is stuff of dreams when I use my Doxy Wand I often wish that I could insert it however this isn’t possible due to the shape of the Doxy and I really wouldn’t advise trying to either it could end in a trip to A&E. well Doxy have now made a powerful vibrator that can be inserted which is amazing without leaving out the option to have a flat surface for external stimulation.

The Doxy Skittle is a little oddly shaped but it works it has a skittle type girthy base that enabled you to handle it really well. This then flattens off to where there is a small oval shaft. This shaft is where the magic happens it moves when the vibrations are turned on. The shaft wiggles and writhes. Along the flat top there is also a little nub this nub can be used to stimulate the clitoris or the perineum. Turning the Doxy Skittle into a Dual action stimulator. The Doxy Skittle is of course mains powered and made from lovely silicone and abs plastic.

DSC_0176The buttons are not on the toy itself they are attached to the power cord and are situated at ¼ of the way from the toy end. They look like a mini doxy handle and are very true to the original doxy wand’s style of buttons. You turn on the Skittle by pressing the power button. This starts the Vibrations and it starts on the lowest setting which is great as the Doxy wand started at ¾ of full speed so I am really glad doxy improved that. To increase the vibration strength you press the` plus button and to decrease you press the minus button. To turn the Skittle off you press the power button. The buttons light up blue when the Doxy Skittle is turned on however as you are pressing a button it will light green for the length you press it for. When you release the button it does blue again. With the Buttons being separate from the Doxy Skittle this enables you to have your partner control the vibrations making the Doxy Skittle great for couples play.

DSC_0173 I decided to use mine with Mr he controlled the vibrations and I held the skittle with the shaft inside me and the nub against my clit. This was a really great position to use the Doxy Skittle in. Starting on the low vibrations the Skittle Buzzes to life the shaft hitting my g spot and then the back wall of my vagina. I was also able to feel the vibrations in my anal cavity through my vaginal wall the vibrations are powerful! As you increase the power the vibrations get buzzier. Every time I told Mr to press the plus button I was rewarded by a shocking amount of power and each time I thought it can’t get any more powerful but it did. The Doxy Skittle is not water proof which makes cleaning the Doxy Skittle take extra time to clean I have to make sure I don’t get any water near the wire or plug. However this is standard with most mains powered toys.

DSC_0174As you can tell my experience with the Doxy Skittle is a good one and it made me orgasm like a wand but better because I had that internal stimulation. Doxy is a UK company which I am proud to say there aren’t that many local manufacturers or shops that sell and make good quality sex toys.

RRP: £67.95

You can find The Doxy Skittle at


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  • Reply Candy Lyn 27th January 2016 at 5:49 am

    I prefer both internal and external stimulation and it really does look interesting. I’m wondering though about the inches that are insertable.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 28th January 2016 at 10:29 pm

      I would say around 2.5-3 off the top of my head 🙂

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