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Jopen Stella III

DSC_0187 I was given the Jopen Stella III kegal balls in return for my honest review by bonneamour. They are a UK based sex toy company that are relatively small. They stock a huge range of toys. You should check them out.

The Stella III Kegel set is made up from three graduated weights of kegel balls. This enables you to progress with the weights as you advance through your kegel exercises. The smallest balls weighs 20g this I recommend starting on if you are a beginner or new to kegeling. The medium ball weight 30g this can be combined with the smaller ball to make a total of 50g. The last and larger ball weight 45g this is the heaviest of the three and can be combined with the other two balls to create a total of 95g. The balls are coated in silicone with the weights stamped on a plastic circle on each one. They can be removed from the casing of the kegel system which is attached to the pull chord. You simply just pop the weight you don’t want to use out of the silicone casing. This design is great and I haven’t seen it on kegel balls before it enables you to customise your weights and advance without buying multiple sets of kegel balls.

DSC_0189The Stella II comes in the signature Jopen packaging with an instruction leaflet and also a lint free wipe able storage bag in case you didn’t want to keep them in the box. The Stella III kegel set can be sterilized as they are made from silicone, which is great for getting rid of bacteria which may build up if the Stella III isn’t cleaned thorough enough. That said I find them very easy to clean, I simply just pop all of the balls out and wash them and the casing individually with soap and water then leave them to air dry. Once dry I simply just pop the balls back in and they’re ready for the next use. The casing has a retrieval chord which enables you to pull the balls from your body without worrying they’re going to get lost. Not that this would happen as you can’t lose anything in your vaginal but it save a lot of hassle fishing them out or if your kegel muscles aren’t strong enough to push out the balls themselves you can use the chord to pull them out manually.

DSC_0188If you are thinking of getting a kegel aid and are thinking of just trying one I recommend you get the Stella III you will not need to buy bigger kegel balls or heavier ones each time you advance in the long run your saving money because the Stella III gives you all you need to advance through your kegel exercises.

When I use the Stella III I get a fuller feeling than when using a normal two ball kegel set. The biggest ball feels really weighted and adds to the pressure felt within my vagina when I use them. Each tightening of my vagina enabled me to feel then push against my walls the biggest sits just against my g spot and as I tighten my muscles it pushes against it giving me a very pleasurable feeling.

RRP: £23.99

You can find The Stella III at

P.s don’t forget to use the code: KITTEN10 for 10%off your purchase at BonneAmour


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