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IMToy Candy

DSC_0148 I saw the IMToy stall at ETO Show this year and I fell in love. The makers of the IMToy Candy and PUi where flashing them around and where happy to give us a demo on what they had to offer. First of all I must say they have designed the most amazing packaging I have ever seen for sextoys! Seriously all manufacturers should take note! Both packaging of the toys offer a very slim and tucked away style to promoting the product with little snazzy designs the PUI has a little draw and a flip top lid the draw hold the charge cable and instructions. The Candy opens both sides of the box to fall like flower blooming from a bud if you know what I mean. To reveal the Candy in a cylindrical case!

DSC_0144The Candy is magnetic and sticks to the bottom half of the case and the top can be crewed on. This is how it is stored and charged. To charge you plug the charge wire into the case and it charges the Candy up. Now this is the funky part. If you turn the base of the case over you will see a light to sterilize! Yes I aid sterilize your Candy you place it on the light it will stay put as it has a magnet inside. You then place the top of the case on and start sterilizing away. The way they have packed all this into such a compact design astounds me.

DSC_0149Now the Candy is not just the first every self-sterilizing system for a kegel ball, It also connects to an app which you can then use as a guide to follow for workouts. It will also tell you your stage and progress so there is no guessing it is all there on the app. The sensors in the Candy transmit your workout to the app then it will show you how much pressure etc you are using whilst doing your kegels. I have to say this is the most advanced Kegel training aid I am yet to come across and I really doubt that there will be anything like this anytime soon.

When I first received the candy I charged it full and then set it aside. I then sterilized it by switching the base around and putting it on charge. When I came to test the toy it had run out of charge! This is strange for me I have never has a toy that was turned off run out of charge before I could use it.

DSC_0146Charging it again I was able to connect it to the app the app has courses for you to do each day. You advance up the levels the more you exercise. The training screen features a lily in a Circe which tells you to relax and tighten your pc muscles the lily closed when you clench and opens when you relax. The candy also vibrates as you tighten and stops when you relax if you aren’t relaxed when you are supposed to be the candy gives a fast vibrate to alert you of this. I enjoy using the app it really is easy to use and even tells you have many calories you have burned during that session. You can keep track of your progress on your record table. There are two levels initial triaging increases your control over your muscles. Then after you have completed all the courses you advance to advanced training. This combined your pelvic floor workout with physical workouts. Eg, walk, squat etc.


RRP: £130.49

You can find The IMToy Candy at IMToy.Us

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