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Hot Octopuss – Pulse II Duo

DSC_0156We we’re sent the Pulse II Duo by Hot Octopuss for an honest review, in this review i will be going over the two main purposes of this couples vibrator / masturbator. I will section this review into two categories, one being solo and the other being duo. This basically means i will be reviewing both the solo experience of the Pulse II Solo and the couples experience of the Pulse II Duo. In the box of the Pulse II Duo it come with a bag to stash it away, the Duo toy itself and a handy remote for the female vibrations.


DSC_0158Considering this is the DUO and not the SOLO, let’s start with reviewing what this product is intended to do… Pleasure both male and female in a foreplay setting! The Pulse II Duo doesn’t give off the foreplay that you’re looking for if i’m completely honest but with a few accessories i think this product could go a long way, on the box it shows two positions that it can be used. The fist one is missionary with the male on top and the other being cowgirl, these are two positions that are very easy to get into so there’s no complaints there.

When we had the time to try this for the first time the Pulse II Duo is hard to keep it in place, the time me and Kim used it we were both warming each other up before got our selves goind this is because that we are used to this every now and again. The product is good for a warm up and can feel great for the male, it’s very weird how it works as it basicly has a plate which forces itself towards the shaft and back. This is  such an amazing feeling even when your flacid, but the problem with this couples product is the vibrations for the female partner aren’t as good as they are for the males.

The female comes with three settings High, Medium and Low. The male comes with the same but with more of a speed variation than the female vibrations as it allows you to increase in speed rather that three settings of Low, Medium and High. Considering that this is based for couples i still feel as if it focuses more on the men than anything, even though i mention this i still believe Hot Octopuss have done a great job of keeping the product looking the same as the SOLO.


DSC_0159Now that we have spoken about the DUO side of things, it’s time that we move onto the SOLO. It is possible to turn this product on without the vibrations of both motors, With the remote control creating the vibrations for the women, the men have some buttons available on the Pulse itself. These buttons are easy to access, but they are a pain to press when your hand is all lubed up because you need to put a lot of pressure on the buttons before you get a response from the device, how ever this feature can be good in some ways as i know from Kim’s experience is the slipping of pressing a touch sensitive button and then killing the mood.

When using the Pulse in it’s SOLO mode it becomes quite the experience at first try, when i used it for solo it got me hard fast due to force of the vibrations on the sleeve of the masturbator as it forces onto your shaft. This brings some forceful pleasure down the shaft of your penis and even sends the pleasure to your bellend, i have to say that Hot Octopuss have done a great job of creating a vibrator/masturbator for men which can create a lot of pleasure.

Now to the question you have all been waiting for… Should i buy this? Considering that me and Kim didn’t have the best of times using it as a DUO and i enjoyed it more as the SOLO Product i still believe that you should buy this product. I hope in the future that they make a product like this again but with a harness to keep in place when in use as a DUO and also to  add them force vibrations they have for the men for the women aswell. If they do proceed with this in the future, i would love to see the progress they make on it!

RRP: £89.00

You can find the Double-Ended Masturbator at

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