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Lelo lily 2 First impressions

Lelo have just release a new vibrator. The Lily 2 is an upgraded version of the Lily and Nea. I haven’t had the chance to review those so I wouldn’t know what they were like. The Lily 2 is infused with fragrances created by Lelo.

I received the Lavender colour which is (Lavender and Manuka Honey) fragranced. However the sound of the Plum ( Bordeaux and Chocolate) sounds more appealing to me. I mean wine and chocolate are my two fave things other than sextoys of course. You can also get Pink which is (Rose and Wisteria) scented i do not know what wisteria is it sound like hysteria but anyway i like roses.

Smelling this vibe was weird for me and I sort of missed that new vibe smell. However though it is scented it isn’t really strong at all. The Lavender one smells unusually sweet and berrylike even though it hasn’t got berry in there I reckon it was the honey tricking my nose. I would much rather have this fragrance in a massage oil.

Like I said it isn’t a strong fragrance however if you are allergic to any fragrances keep this in mind. As there is nothing that states what is used to fragrance the Lily 2 or the ingredients I wouldn’t be able to tell if there where harsh chemicals in there especially for those who have sensitives bits.

The Lily 2 although ABS plastic has a soft smooth coating which is silky to touch. It is also rechargeable and 1005 waterproof. Which let’s face it is pretty basic for lelo toys. It also has simple controls: push the right button to turn on and cycle through speeds. Push the left button to cycle through the speeds and turn it off. You can also lock the Lily 2 by holding the 2 buttons together until the lights turn off. It has a run time of 4 hours for every 2 hour charge session.

So my first impressions are i am kind of confused about the whole scent thing and i wish i had tried teh lily so i could compare the two and see what updates they have made other then the scent.

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