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Toy Joy Sphere 1

DSC_0063 I was given the Toy Joy sphere 1 by in return for my honest review, the fact I was given this toy free of charge will not affect the outcome of my review at all.

The Sphere is completely silicone and doesn’t have a seam of what I can make out. It is quite heavy and has a loop for security. The retrieval loop however doesn’t really appeal to me as it is quite thin I would want a thicker loop for my safety  as I feel I I pulled on the string whist tensing my kegels too hard I may snap the ring. Other than this everything else is what I would expect from a kegel aid.

This kegel ball is super easy to insert the tear drop shape means that the weight is at the base where you need to insert. The weight being here makes it pop in pretty effortless. The sphere is really nicely weighted and I love the heavy feeling it stimulates me as I am walking around. The stimulation I get is a lot more than other kegel aids. The smooth silicone means that when inserted you can’t feel any bits poking out like say on the rocks off kegel balls. It’s all just silicone which I like. The retrieval chord is really thin personally I would like something thicker it kind of feels like it could snap if I clenched my pc muscles and pulled the chord I reckon the friction could snap that chord. That said the chord can be left outside the vagina and it won’t dig into you like the loop on the rocks off or inner goddess balls.

DSC_0064This is a non-vibrating kegel aid and it’s pretty basic that being said you can kegel as long as you wish. When worn during chores such vacuuming around the house it is really easy to forget that the sphere is inserted other than the slight pang of pleasure I get every now and again to tell me it’s there. It really is a nice little kegel ball and so far I am impressed with the weight and the shape of the sphere. The good thing about the Sphere is that it doesn’t have that rattle ball inside you know the “jiggle balls” type this although not very loud can put be off wearing then in public so something like this can be worn out and about and you won’t fear being found out.

The weight of the Sphere really helps with the retrieval just relax and the ball pulls itself to the vaginal opening, making it easy for you to pull the chord and retrieve it.

RRP: £14.99

You can find The Toy Joy Sphere at

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