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Onye B3 kenya (zebra)

DSC_0053I was contacted by the lovely Big Teaze Toys. Who said they would sent me the Onye B3 from my wish list which is very generous of them! They also sent me the Iroha Sakura to review for Tenga.

The Onye B3 Kenya has been on my wish list, due to the fact it is a chunky mini vibe I loved the design of the vibe the none slip grip and also the Zebra print pattern. I confess I am obsessed with zebra print and everything I see that has it on I have to have so I am so delighted I have this little beauty in my collection now.

TA6_ZuEmzhe Onye B3 kenya vibe came in amazing packaging even the barcode was in the shape of a zebra! Inside the packaging was the vibrator and also a travel/storage case which is plain black and has a pop up lid. This case is ideal for those who want to keep the vibe away from prying eyes it Features the B3 symbol which can only be seen up close.

The Onye B3 has a lovely shape it is heavy and chunky. Covered in Zebra print from a cm from the top and 2 from the bottom. There is a space between the print for the lovely silicone grip and also the button which is placed at the top. They are both pink I feel this gives the vibe a little depth and breaks up the pattern. The rest of the vibe is a pearlescent white this shimmers when in the light much more appealing then basic white I think. Each pattern is bonded to the vibe during a special process making it scratch resistant. And let me tell you I have tested this and scratched at it with my fingernails and nothing has chipped nor scraped off. The metal edging around the pink also makes the colour of the vibe pop.

DSC_0052The Onye B3 Kenya has 3 speeds, slow, medium, fast. These are controlled by pressing the power button at the top of the vibe. You press the button to cycle through each speed. Once you have gone through the speeds you press it again to power off.

I had turned on the onye and stroked my vulva through my sheer lacy red thong I was wearing as part of my red chemise outfit. I was able to feel the vibrations instantly they were powerful and travelled well through the fabric of my thong. I stroked my labia with the Onye and my excitement grew Mr started to finger me feeling my excitement. I pressed the button to increase the power even on medium this vibe is more powerful than most bullets. My vagina started to contact my orgasm approaching. Mr thrust his fingers slowly I savoured the pleasure as I ground oh his fingers stroking my clit with the Onye. I went up an intensity again on the highest speed the Onye Brought me up and over the edge of my orgasm! The orgasm I experienced was a long and very pleasurable one that lasted about 5 minutes from start to finish, this rarely happens and for that I thank this vibe. I orgasmed through clothing! Proving just how powerful this vibe is.

RRP: £17.94

You can find The Onye B3 kenya  at

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  • Reply Heaven 2nd September 2015 at 12:38 am

    I have one of the Onye vibes and I loved using it. This one is cuter though!

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