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Dragon’s Tongue

DSC_0044When I first happened to come across bad dragon it was by typing in “the strangest dildos” into google I wanted to see the most strangest and unusual dildos out there. And the dragons tongue was 10 on a list of freaky masturbators and weird looking vibes. I clicked the link to Bad Dragon and then I thought wow I want a dragon tongue dildo!

After searching through the ready-made section I wasn’t sure how bad dragon worked I hadn’t ever seen a company that lets you customise dildos before. And I fell in love searching the Bad Dragon site for hours each day I readily became familiar with the process of customise and flops and ready-made. The first bad dragon I got was Meng though and not the dragon tongue I wanted. I was waiting for the right colour to come up in a ready-made. It did and I couldn’t buy it because I had no pennies at the time and someone snagged it.

DSC_0043 Since then I have eagerly kept my eye on the Dragon’s Tongues in the adoption section. I had acquired a lot of BD dildos before I finally got a Tongue. Bad Dragon has been releasing birth stone colours each month now I was unsure what to get in mine as Mr decided he would get me something in the “Diamond” colour for my birthday pressie. So I chose the tongue it wasn’t what I had in mind for the colour of the tongue but with it being my birthstone it would be extra special.

So Mr ordered my custom Medium Dragons tongue, in firm firmness with Diamond colouration. I chose medium because its about time I went up a size before BD I used small toys now I have become somewhat of a size queen and have gone up to a Medium bad dragon size which small from bad dragon usually equals a large anywhere else so yeah it’s a big leap. The Diamond colour is a pearlescent white with a hint of blue shimmer through it, I was curious as to how BD was going to show the diamond colour as diamonds have hues of all colours in them they seem to be clear and colourless but shine a rainbow of colours in the light, I think BD did a great job!

When my Tongue arrived I was super excited it arrived with my Sleiphnir and I was more excited about the tongues colour then the other dildo I twisted it in the light to see the shiny dildo sparkle. It looks amazing.

DSC_0042I lubed up the tongue and inserted the curved tip into my pussy giving a couple of thrusts to entice my g spot. I then wanted to see how much I could take slowly working the dildo into me bit by bit with each thrust. The girth stretching me toward the base the curl of the tongue pressing against my vaginal walls making me feel good in places I haven’t before. I twisted the tongue around so that it was horizontal with the line of my vag. This was incredible that natural shape of the tongue meant this was the most comfortable way to use this dildo like a jigsaw it just aligned with me perfectly. Thrusting this was amazing the curve and the tip of the tongue brushed the side walls of my vag stimulating me to the max. I pound the dildo in and out and in and out and boom! I explode into an immensely pleasurable orgasm.


RRP: £63.79

You can find the Dragon’s Tongue at

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  • Reply Joannes' Reviews (@joannesreviews) 30th July 2015 at 7:10 am

    I loved this review. I have a couple of Bad Dragon toys myself and love them to bits. After reading this I need a Dragons Tongue as well now. I can only imagine what it would feel like attached to one of my machines.

    Top tip of you ever get a Flint then go for the small as the medium is huge LOL.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 31st July 2015 at 1:12 pm

      Thanks Joanne, Flint happens to be on my to buy list actually lol. I know Bad Dragon has a habbit of making dildos bigger then other companies I used to always get small from there but recently have been getting mediums The girth looks amazing though! its always tricky trying to find the best size dildo.

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