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DSC_0048I was searching the Adoptions on BD when I had placed my Tongue in the basket and I saw a Sleiphnir the dildo didn’t appeal to stand out to me before but it was in a nice light blue/teal colour with purple splodges on. It reminded me of Sully the monster, I just had to have it with a little bribing and begging to Mr he added it to the cart and brought me not one but two BD dildos for my birthday. I now refer to my Sleiphnir as the Sully penis.

DSC_0046Sleiphnir was a ready-made in a size Small, firmness of Soft and colour of rogue (tealy blue and purple).  Sleiphnir is a horse based penis it is a mythological horse, I basically chose this toy for the colour which can happen if you see the amazing colour combos BD produce. The main thing is this dildo has a lot of girth and I mean it is a hunk of round stretching silicon.

Sleipnir has sort of a scaly finish along the shaft this dildo has a huge amount of girth but it also has great texture and is not as plain as say the Chance horse dildo is so maybe if you are looking for a horse penis dildo but want more texture then the Sleiphnir will be just what you are looking for.

DSC_0045I was on the bed legs spread I lubed up Sleiphnir and inserted him into my pussy the wide head stretching me Mr watched from the computer chair as I put on a show for him. Teasingly I thrust slowly prolonging the thrusts I gradually took inch my inch of the dildo. Wanting to show off how much I can take I inserted Sleiphnir deeper and deeper all the way down to the base. I held it thre a second then pulled it out slowly watching as my labia minora where getting dragged across the shaft as it was being pulled out of me. I thrust it into me quickly crying out. Again I thrust over and over keeping up a quick rhythm deep hard thrusts. I then chose to do short fast thrusts the dildo only inches inside me caressing my g spot I was close, so close, Mr watching me his eyes lighting up with excite meant and I orgasm. Mr then was that excited by the show I had put on for him that he steadied himself between my legs and with a few hard pounds into me he came.

RRP: £40.95

You can find  Sleiphnir at

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