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Lelo Luna Smart Bead

DSC_0064 I Won the Lelo Luna Smart bead in the ETO Show blog spot giveaway. I owe all of the companies who sponsored the giveaway and Cara Sutra, Voluptasse and Talk smut for making the blog spot an amazingly comfortable bloggers den at the ETO Show It is the whole reason I entered the giveaway I have had my eye on the Luna for ages now it has been on my wish list and I was eventually going to purchase it. I saw it was up for grabs at the ETO Show and entered there where a lot of great prizes I won but this is the one I was most excited about. I have only ever used the inner goddess balls before and they were awful I wanted to experience Kegel exercise at its best.

When I received all my goodies I opened them up and there the Smart Bead was and I was even more surprised when I opened the box it was the colour I wanted deep rose! I read through the manual and inserted the AAA battery needed to turn it on.

At first I couldn’t work out the settings and turned it on the constant vibrate mode once inserted I realised this was wrong. I pressed held the button to turn it off and then pressed it again a little light flashed a couple of times then it gave me I think 3 minutes to insert the Smart Bead without the vibrations on. Once I was comfy I waited for the 3 quick pulses to indicate the exercise cycle had started and away I went kegeling.

DSC_0063The smart bead is super easy to insert the small bead is slender and petite so it is so easy to insert! The three quick vibes tell you it is on and then you squeeze through each vibration and relax when the vibe stops and follow this sequence until your exercise is complete. The vibes where really easy to feel and I found that my body felt them really strong and I was able to do my pelvic floor exercises with barely any effort. When I felt the vibrations change to 3 quick vibrations I knew the exercise cycle was finished and took the smart bead out of me. I then pressed the button and a continuous pleasure mode came on this is sort of a reward for your work out once it’s done you get to have the continuous vibrations.

The Smart Bead is made from soft silicone all over except for the plastic holding the safety chord in place and the plastic rim that connects the base to the body. Even the chord is silicone. It’s small and shaped to align with your body shape. It has one button on the side which when pressed starts the mod then it will turn off once finished or you can hold again to turn off. When held after it will start the pleasure mode it’s pretty easy to control. Of course the Smart Bead is 100% waterproof and body safe also. You may want to use a good quality water based lube when inserting the Smart bead however I find it slips in pretty comfortably without.

The smart bead starts off on level 3 it has 5 levels and adjusts them to your strength of work out.

Level 1- beginner = For the uninitiated who has not practiced Kegel exercising before.

Level 2-Amateur = For the relative-newcomer with weaker pelvic musculature and little pelvic control.

Level 3- Intermediate = For the moderately experienced with average pelvic strength and some control.

Level4- Advanced = For the experienced Kegel exerciser with strong pelvic muscles and good control.

Level5- Master = For the Kegel master with excellent pelvic strength and maximum control.


DSC_0065I am pretty ashamed of my pelvic muscles having 2 children under 4. I didn’t listen to the midwives when they said do your PF exercises they are important! And I have paid horribly for it. Two natural vaginal births later and I struggle to hold in my wee when I laugh or cough or sneeze. So it didn’t really shock me too much when the light on the Luna Smart Bead flashed twice the next time I used it indicating I am at an amateur level. I hope to use the Luna Smart bead daily to work on getting my muscles stronger and won’t stop until I am a master of Kegel exercise!

I will keep you all updated every time I reach the next level and will update this post with dates the levels where achieved.

RRP: £65.95

You can find the Lelo luna Smart Bead at

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