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LELO Ina Wave

DSC_0096I have been waiting for an Ina Wave for ages it was on my wishlist and as soon as I saw the Wave Motion technology on a rabbit vibe my pussy ached for it. I have to thank my friends over at Belle de Soir for giving me the chance to review this for them they pulled some strings and got me an Ina Wave in Ocean Blue which I thank them hugely for however the fact I have been wanting to try this doesn’t affect the outcome of this review at all.

The Ina Wave is a rabbit style vibrator that offers intense powerful vibrations with the added advantage of shaft that rubs your g spot in a come hither motion this most commonly used to have a g-spot orgasm, or squirting orgasm. Lelo state that it is “The first dual-action vibrator that rises and plunges for intense simultaneous clitoral and g-spot massage” that said I wonder if it actually does do what it says on the tin?

The Ina Wave has 10 vibration settings and is fully water proof. It is a very intense vibrator so probably not the best for those who are just starting to explore sex toys. The Ina Wave is covered in silky soft silicone all over even the buttons are silicone unlike the Siri2 which has a plastic handle and buttons. Ina Wave has 10 unique vibration settings, to turn on or off the Ina Wave you press the middle indented button on the control panel. You press the + to increase the intensity of the vibrations. You can press the – to decrease the intensity of the vibrations. Push the ^ to cycle though the stimulation modes. And the v to go back through the stimulation modes. The Ina Wave automatically remembers and saves the last setting you were on so that the next time you use your Ina Wave it will be in that specific mode. Clever? Huh!

DSC_0097The Ina Wave is also rechargeable so no need for pesky batteries ay. The charge wire can be inserted into any USB port or plug adapter to charge the Ina Wave. Which is very useful for me I can charge it up on the PC whilst I am writing my reviews no need for lots of plug sockets being filled up! The LED light will flash when your Ina Wave is charging when it is fully charge the Light will be steady. It is recommended you charge the Ina Wave for 2 hours to get the most from your vibe. The LED will glow red when your Ina Wave is low on battery and needs to be charged again.

The Ina Wave is elegant and very minimalistic in appearance but what it lacks in texture it makes up for in performance! Okay so this is a little off topic but I just want to say how amazing this color is I mean I like blue it is my favourite colour but damn this is an amazing blue not like those baby blue or navy vibes I come across regularly but a night tealy ocean blue I almost imagine my eyes popping from the sockets with love hearts in them like in cartoons when I pull this from its box. It really is beautiful! Also I think Lelo should make the Siri 2 in this colour so I can buy one and it will match the Ina Wave!

DSC_0099I inserted the shaft into my vag and then began to select a wave setting I went for the highest wanting to know what this baby can do. The vibrations where a little confusing but I got the jist of things you can have both the shaft and ear vibrate or just only the ear. So I cycled through the speeds and found that the highest was a little too much with the wave motion and would bring be to orgasm way to quickly however I decided on a gradual increase mode which went from low to high then stopped for a second before cycling again. The ear put a lot of pressure on my clit and I mean a lot it was quite firm and I liked it. The shaft pressed against my g spot stroking it effortlessly. My pleasure alternated between clit stim and g spot stim coaxing me and teasing me building me up. The first spurt was great however it wasn’t a blended orgasm id hope for. So I continued to let the Ina Wave do its thing massaging me internally and sparking vibrations on my clit I built and built further to my orgasm each time I built up I would cum around the shaft it would trickle between my legs, This has only ever happened when Mr has fucked me or when I have used my fucking machine never have I been able to cum around a vibe until now. I waited and waited then bam! My clit throbbed and my vag pulsated the Ina wave shot out of me warm cum firing between my legs soaking me.

So I now have found my all-time Vibe It is a powerful clit stim, rabbit vibe and g –spot vibe all in one! Can I find another that will top this I highly doubt it and it has already put the Siri 2 down to second. I am not sure how it compares to the Ina 2 as I haven’t tried it although I do think without the Wave technology it would just be another powerful rabbit vibe. The wave motion was the best I have come across I have tried previously a vibe which sort of mimicked it but stopped when my vag tightened and was very noisy the Ina wave however carry’s in rubbing even when I squeeze the shaft with my contractions, and it is also relatively quite when it moves.

DSC_0100Lelo released both the Ina Wave and its sister vibe the Mona Wave together the Mona offers the G spot stim without the ear however this didn’t appeal to me as I almost always need to use a clit stim to orgasm and the thought of blended orgasms using one vibe blew me away.

I like the fact I can just lay there and let the Ina Wave do its thing and bring me to orgasm with no effort on my part no thrusting, no turning, no clit rubbing. Just the Ina Wave!

RRP: £114.95

You can find the Ina Wave at Belledesior.co.uk

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    Wow…it really does do it all! I am really loving the design!

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