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Traz Rhino Genesis

DSC_0366Traz rhino Genesis was sent to me by Hunter from over at traz rhino in return for my honest review this will not affect the outcome of my review at all.

The Genesis Extension is the original extension that traz rhino created. Giving the male extra girth and length to make his manhood bigger. Genesis is 8inches in length and 2 inches in Girth. Genesis is designed to increase pleasure for both him and her the shape is designed to be able to squish when the vaginal muscles clench the extender the male can feel the muscle contractions through the extension. The ridges inside the Genesis then push against the cock whilst in use to give more stimulation for the male.

DSC_0357The Genesis penis extender was nominated for best male sex toy of 2015 !! I really like that fact that it provides both parties pleasure and the softness of the silicone makes using the Genesis really comfortable especial due to the extra girth a ridged material would feel extremely uncomfortable.

I asked Mr to put on the Genesis ready for us to have some hard sex I was feeling particularly horny and the thought of him having extra girth to stretch me with really got me going. Using a lot of lube to lubricate both the extension and me he began to insert himself in me the extension opened me up quite a bit and I felt the girth stretch me much like my adored bad dragon dildos would however the fact that Mr was fucking me made the experience a whole lot more intimate. We tried the folded deck chair a favourite position of mine to get deep penetration however I found when he thrust too hard it hurt me a little so he then asked me to “sit on this big fat cock” lying there naked I just couldn’t resist so I did indeed sit on the traz extension I rode very slowly as the pleasure got quite intense I buckled and writhed and I came so many times. Mr told me to cum around his cock which of course I did with ease the Genesis just touched every spot inside me.

DSC_0363For me I like the Genesis a lot more than the Sleek due to the fact it gives extra girth which Mr could do with however the Sleek offers more length and less girth this for me is not really compatible with Mr’s cock as he has 7 inches already but lacks in girth so I would say I do indeed love the Sleek but I think that the Genesis is more suited to us and feels so damn good!


RRP: £45

You can find the Rihno Genesis at

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