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LELO Siri 2

QLl9R0Fg The Lelo Siri 2 was given to me free of charge in return for my honest review by Lelo. The Siri 2 is able to recognise sound and turn that sound into vibrations which is an added bonus and makes the Siri 2 the music vibrator.

The Siri 2 comes with a USB charger which can be plugged into a pc/laptop or a USB plug adapter to charge the vibe, when plugged in it will light up and flash. When fully charged the light will continuously stay on then you’re ready to go. To turn on you hold the + for 3 seconds and press + to increase intensity and let me tell you this vibe is extremely powerful for something so small it has an incredible amount of power.

You press – to decrease the intensity and hold for 3 seconds to turn off. You press the ^ and v buttons to change the pattern if you want more vibration speed when in a pattern just press the + to change the speed. This enables you to adjust the patterns to the intensity you want I haven’t seen this on a vibe before but and very impressed that it enables you to customise the patterns to suit your needs.

The Siri 2 is not only discreet but it is so beautifully made the silicone is extremely soft much like velvet and the seam between the plastic and silicone is almost none existent. It features a little microphone on the back which picks up the sounds during Music mode. And not forgetting The Siri 2 is also water proof for all those who enjoy there bath toys.

eN1cAwRmWhen testing out its settings Mr and I put some music on switched it into music mode and watched in astonishment as it picked up every bit of base and danced around in my hand the vibrations really made it look like it was having a little rave.

When it came to testing the Siri 2 I thought it was only fair that the first session used its signature feature the Music feature I worked my way through a few songs which I chose on Mr’s pc wanting a range of basy and non basy songs to see how the Siri 2 reacted to them before reaching an explosive orgasm at the peak of “crush on you” while the Siri 2 danced over my clit spreading the vibrations not only to my clit but vibrating my whole vulva. Orgasming at the peak of a song felt amazing and the orgasm left me writhing in ecstasy when id finished my eyes where blurry that’s how good it felt! All fuzzy with my release I fell in love with the Siri 2 from that first use!

Siri Orgasm Play list (all adequately named)

  • Rihanna Ft wal – Bad
  • Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk
  • Young Money – Bed rock
  • Nero – Crush On You

2SIR-oAaThe Siri2 has readymade pulse mode which are based on music I really enjoyed pulse 6 I’m not sure what genre this one is but it’s amazing. When in the pulse settings you can increase the intensity of the vibrations pressing + for more power this will be the same pattern but just more amplified vibrations which itself is unique. If there is a setting you like that doesn’t have enough power you just crank it up and you’re sorted.

Siri 2 also has around 12-13 speed settings which on the top one gets quite powerful and I’d say almost matches a doxy wands medium setting. This little vibe packs a hell of a lot of power. When I use it on the speed settings I generally go for a 4 or 5 depending on my mood I did find the high the level of power you’re on the more spread out the vibrations seem to be they tend not to stimulate just the clitoris but the whole vulva I really enjoyed this feeling and liked the way the Siri 2 was lifted up and down as my vag contracted with the orgasms it gave a hard pressure /low pressure feel to my clit.

As you can guess my opinions on the Siri 2 are totally positive and I don’t have any complaints. The Siri 2’s sound mode also picks up voices so you can get frisky at a loud party or have your partner tell you they love you and you will totally be pleasure by their words!

The Siri 2 is my now favourite vibe and will be for a long time the power that this little vibrator has in it is incredible and I highly recommend the siri2 to everyone from beginners to power queens it will please everyone! The Siri 2 has set the bar very high when it comes to clit stims.

RRP: £79.00

You can find The Siri 2 at


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