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An Intimate Education

An Intimate Education is an anthology of stories put together by erotic writers to support the brook charity. I was delighted to have gone to the Facebook even and decided to purchase a copy though amazon. This anthology was created for Erotic world book day and all the profits go to the Brook Charity.

I am very fond of the work the Brook Charity do and think that they offer a lot of guidance and education about sexual health and wellbeing to young adults like myself. It is important young people get the right information when it comes to sexual relationships and I think brook are doing a brilliant job!

I adore the stories in this book each one is different this anthology suits every gender and has a very diverse range of erotic literature. It is made to suit everyone and at least one of the stories will create a little tingle in you. All of the 22 tales are very unique and offer a different view of erotica. Although am not a fan of lesbian erotica I still enjoyed reading my way through the anthology Melissa’s sweet music stood out to me not for the lesbian exoticness because it also included an age gap and allowed me to understand that when it comes to age no one is really old as long as you are both comfortable that is all that matters.

Another favourite of mine is I told you So, I adore Victoria’s writing style and very much enjoy her erotica. This anthology is suited to almost everyone and I would’ve much proffered to read this as my first erotic lit book than 50 shades as it is so diverse which would be able to give readers the understanding that erotica is all different fantasies and not just whips and blindfolds.

I would recommend this Anthology for First time Erotica Readers as it features short stories from different genres of erotica so there will definitely be something in there that gets you wanting to read more erotica. It may also be of assistance to those who want to spice things up a little but don’t yet know what excites them. When read to a partner it can be a big turn on and I feel that reading together can help me and my partner to feel connected and also experience fantasies together.

Overall I Love it and I am so glad to have supported the brook charity by purchasing An Intimate Education. I think all young people need to be able to express who they are sexually and with help from brook they can get the right guidance needed to ensure they are both happy and safe when it comes to sexual matters.

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