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Precious Metalz 24k Gold Butt Plug

DSC_0064The Precious Metalz 24k Gold Butt Plug is my first metal one and I brought it in a sale for £20. When I decided to get this I was choosing between large and small I of course went for small. I had previously had small plugs from other companies and they ended up quite big so I went for the safe option. The plug is gold in colour with a clear crystal on the base.

When the plug came I was surprised at how small it actually was it was tiny and so cute but I was wondering if it would get swallowed whole it was that small. Nether the less it looked very pretty.

DSC_0073When it came to using this plug I used sexxxations anal rub to lube my ass up. The rub got to work and my Mr lubed up the plug and slowly inserted it into ass the metal was so cold. The coldness of the plug as it entered me was incredible I took a moment to take in the feeling of the plug. The plug was comfortable to wear so comfortable in fact it didn’t bother me when I was on hands and knees on the bed while my Mr spanked me with my paddle with every hit I felt the plug move a little. The problem I had with the plug was that I have a pretty big bum and the jewel seems to disappear as my ass cheeks swallowed it. To view the plug in all its glory I had to really bend over as if to touch my toes or spread my ass cheeks with my hand. I also kept having the feeling that my ass hole was going to suck in the tiny flared base. I would’ve much proffered a larger base to reassure me that I wouldn’t end up in A and E having to explain there was a butt plug floating around inside me somewhere. While Mr fucked me I felt the plug move against his cock it was a very filling experience however I kept feeling my ass to check if the plug had managed to disappear thankfully it had not.


RRP: £47.99

You can find this Beautiful Butt Plug at Segzi.co.uk

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  • Reply John Tanner 6th March 2015 at 1:43 pm

    First honest review of this little POS that I’ve seen. My girlfriend bought me one because she thought it would be fun to know I am wearing it while we were out and about. Small enough to wear for long periods was the theory. I found the connector between the base and bulb to be too short and the flange to be a little too sharp. The weight was the only thing going for it. The shape of the flange is all wrong for any kind of longer wear and the size makes it invisible unless you are presenting for anal sex.

    • Reply KinkyKitten 7th March 2015 at 12:02 pm

      Hi John thanks for your comment i did find this plug terribly small and the flared base was just far to small. I try to be as honest as possible when i write my reviews, i know how much people look for reviews before buying a toy and i wouldnt forgive myself if i was giving people dishonest information.

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