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Segzi Stroker – Karla Karter

DSC_0011This Karla Karter was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review by Segzi. The Karla Karter Stroker is made by Segzi they also do a mini version. Since I don’t have a penis attached to my body only silicone ones I have to borrow my Fiance’s Cock for this review. He will write the next segment of the review so you can get his perspective on the toy.

“Just from the title, I can tell you that it definitely hits the spot! With the Segzi Stroker making its first appearance with Karla Karter as the model showing of this excellent piece of pussy, she is pictured on the packaging holding the stroker which I think is quite adequate and aims directly at the male market who want to be able to have a realistic experience when masturbating. With Karla Karter holding the stroker it’s as if she is promoting that the stroker will be like having sex with her. It’s time to get to business. A fair warning to all users of masturbators “They are TIGHT!” so I would recommend using quite a few squirts of lube to fix the tightness. It’s basically like any other vagina, real or not… If it’s tight then lube it up. It will make it easier for your cock to glide right in.

When I first opened the box to the stroker and unscrewed the Masturbator to reveal vagina, I was amazed by the quality of the product. As soon as I started to feel the texture of the vagina itself I felt as if it was top of the range quality and I was very happy to have this model in my hands to try, for this being the first male sex toy for myself to try out I was chuffed. I loved every part of this stroker, from the outside to the inside!

DSC_0013When I first inserted my cock into the sleeve I could feel the bumps running across my shaft, the lube made it easier for me to insert my cock straight in and enjoy the pleasure that came with it. Once getting used to it starts to feel impressive on the shaft, and with the alterations made through just a twist of a lid you can make the masturbator looser or tighter. This is something that can come in handy when you feel like trying something new, as some men would prefer to have something loose and others would prefer something tighter. With me I like to make a change here and there and it’s amazing what outcome you can have with this product, I can feel the intenseness of the suction of the masturbator with the lid screwed on tight!

In the end I don’t really have anything bad to say about this product, it does the job for a great price and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another stroker model if they ever make one other than the mini one which would be small for me to use. I’m impressed with the quality of the product and I hope for the best on Segzi making more strokers for the males to make an impression of their sex toys.”

On that note I think Mr liked the Segzi Karla Karter Stroker a lot it has been a pleasure to review this product thanks again to Segzi and to my Mr who wrote the main Review (with a little help from me).

RRP: £49.99

You can find the Segzi Stroker at

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