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Tantus Bound

DSC_0441 You have heard of Tantus Right?! Well if you haven’t they are an amazing body positive, sex positive well everything positive company who are based in America. They only make body safe silicone sex toys and have amazing customer values.

Well I recently have been given the chance to review for them so they sent me the Bound free of charge in exchange for this review, The fact I was given the bound free of charge isn’t going to affect the outcome of my review. I have previously reviewed the Gary for them.

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Fun Factory Cayona

DSC_0409 I received the Cayona free of charge in exchange for my honest review for the lovely Fun factory. They are an amazing company who make only body safe sex toys. The clue is in the name they have great bright colours and Fun designs. They also sent me a limited edition Karim Rashid toy bag, which has lots of little fun factory toys all over it and a paddling pool. Really! they sent me a paddling pool! At first I thought this is a bit weird then I realised the Cayona is a waterproof vibrator and it’s released just in time for summer.  The fact I was given the Cayona free of charge is not going to affect this review.

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Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set

DSC_0008 I was given the lelo Bridal Pleasure Set back in may in time to use and review on my honeymoon. I was given the Bridal Set Free of charge to review for Lelo and that is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

I was drawn to the Bridal Set simply because there are not many Sex toys or accessories that are marketed for the wedding night/ honeymoon. This seems odd when it is such a bonding time between a couples. Whilst in the middle of my Wedding Planning I was scouring the web for novelty wedding toys and nothing came up.

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Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare

DSC_0362 I received the Beautifully Bare Naturals water based lubricant free of charge whilst visiting the Wet booth at the ETO Show this year the lady I spoke to was amazingly kind and welcoming and handed me the Naturals lube to review for them along with some other lubes and her card.  The fact I received the Naturals Beautifully Bare free of charge is not going to affect the outcome of this review.

DSC_0363Wet Naturals are lubricants that are made to simulate the natural lubrication that a vagina creates. The Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare is paraben and Glycerin free and also hypoallergenic. So it is perfect for those that have sensitive skin. Now I have come out in rashes and burns before from using lubes so this is something that I look for when trying new lubes, I always spot test first using a little bit on the outer part of my vulva.

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Fun Factory Amor

DSC_0197I received the Fun Factory Amor dildo free of charge in exchange for my honest review from toysryours. I previously reviewed the Flower Vibe, and lipstick Vibe for them, they are a small UK based company that offer some of the best prices available of well-known brands.

The Amor dildo is made from 100% silicone just like most Fun Factory toys. It has a flared based for harness compatibility and anal use the base is oddly shaped almost like a three pronged splat however this means you can access the dildo closer to the base as the base is really thin.  This odd base also acts as a suction cup even though it isn’t concave or has any typical suction cup features it sticks to any flat surface with ease.

DSC_0196The Fun Factory Amor is 5.5 inches in length which is great for beginners. I am used to larger toys so the smaller amount of inches mean I can really go to town with this dildo and use it for deeper, harder penetration.

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Svakom Siime Eye

_20160725_151849 I have recieved the Svakom Siime Eye from Svakom this product is also currently known as the Selfie Vag Cam. I have waited a while to get my hands on this little gadget out of pure curiosity. Now, I have always been into how things work so why not see what my vagina looks like and what happens internally when I orgasm?

This to me is intriguing I think that the female body can do incredible things we can grow babies give birth to them, nurture them. So what happens when I orgasm? Apart from contractions and the feeling of an orgasm I can’t see what is going on inside me. When a man cums it is a visual treat you see the outcome of the orgasm with women you can barely see or tell that they have orgasmed externally.

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Hole Punch

DSC_0137I received the Hole Punch as a gift when I placed my order for the Pure Pop. The Hole Punch I received is orange in colour and is quite squishy but still firm enough to be inserted.

The Hole Punch is not your usual butt plug is has quite rounded tapered tip so right from insertion you’re getting that girth. I really like the size of the Hole Punch while it isn’t a plug I use regularly it is one I enjoy using. The rounded shape really pushes against the anal walls and fills me right up.

The Flatness of the ridge is quite sharp which means you get that pop when it is inserted this also helps keep it in place. The base is a vertical type base that sits between the cheeks I much prefer this type of base to the more spherical rounded type base as it make using the Hole Punch more comfortable.

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Tantus Gary

DSC_0423The Tantus Gary is a beautiful dildo. I personally this it is so well proportioned and very visually appealing. The size and shape is similar to Mr’s so I am being a little stuck in my ways but damn Gary is a beauty. I received the Gary free of charge in exchange for this review for the lovely Tantus.

Those of you who don’t know who Tantus are they are a Sex Positive company who started out making Body safe Silicone dildos and butt plugs they now have a wide range of dildos, vibrators and even the new Rumble Wand. They encourage everyone no matter what their sexuality or gender to explore themselves sexually in a safe and body positive way.  Tantus have an amazing reputation among my fellow bloggers and let me tell you even the little details such as communication and customer service they are amazing and go above and beyond to make your experience with them a positive one.

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DSC_0406 I received the SVAKOM Keri free of charge in exchange for my honest review. The fact I was given this vibrator isn’t going to affect the outcome of my review. SVAKOM are a luxury company who specialise in designing the most advanced sex toys you could image. They have self-heating Vibrators, Ones that can record a video of the inside of your vagina. And ones that have smart technology. I have reviewed teh SVAKOM Mini Emma wand previous for them and i loved it.

The Keri is a Spoon shaped vibrator that has a very slim handle made from silicone which features the SVAKOM emblem in stainless steel.  Along with a bulge at the tip. I found as well as being a great clitoral vibrator the Keri works well as an internal vibrator as the Tip Acts as a g spot stimulator. The vibrations travel all through the handle which can also be used for external stimulation.

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Satisfyer Pro 2

DSC_0401 I received the Satisfyer Pro 2 free of charge in exchange for my honest review for Satisfyer. They are a relatively new company who have just released a clitoral stimulator for those who cannot afford a luxury price tag.

SO the first thought that came into my head was “is it as good as the womanizer?” well with a price tag that is half the price and the fact it is waterproof those points alone make it essentially more improved than the Womanizer. Now it doesn’t have that stupid tacky gem or overly girly cat slater patterns. I prefer the simple design the handle is really comfortable to hold during use.

The satisfier Pro 2 isn’t a vibrator it is a clitoral stimulator that essentially puffs air onto the clitoris I am sure there is a piston the moves back and forth really quickly so that the air is pushed out from the mouth of the device. This air wave pulsation feels almost like vibrations except it’s not. I would most likely compare it to Oral sex with someone nibbling/sucking on your clit without the saliva.

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